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Current Financial Market Fundamentals are Key to a Successful Real Estate Portfolio

There has been a lot of concern about the financial markets and where this economy is heading.  Financial and real estate cycles always repeat themselves.  The tricky part is that no one knows when. Trying to time the markets is … Continue reading

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Reduce Overhead Costs With an SBA Loan

If you are interested in reducing your overhead costs, don’t forget the advantages of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. With an SBA loan, small businesses can obtain financing for not only purchasing real estate or expanding existing facilities, but also … Continue reading

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Commercial Leases

When signing a lease for commercial property, business owners need to be aware of exactly what they are agreeing to do.  There are many different costs associated with operating a commercial property.  Examples of typical operating costs are real estate … Continue reading

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Investing in Industrial Real Estate – 15 Things to Consider Before Taking the Plunge

Taking the first step to invest in real estate is a big one and one that cannot be taken lightly. Below is a list of checks and balances to go through during the due diligence period before you make a … Continue reading

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What Makes Rob Namy Tick?

Rob Namy, a Regional VP of Acquisitions for Weston, is an active participant in MedWish International, a Cleveland based non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery, recycling, and redistribution of medical supplies for humanitarian relief. On August 1, Rob led a … Continue reading

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